JurySmart is an iCourthouse innovation that gives attorneys and other risk-evaluation professionals a powerful new tool for assessing the merits of a case, at any stage. iCourthouse has developed JurySmart to leverage the wisdom and diversity of its tens of thousands of online jurors. After presenting claims to the pool of iCourthouse jurors, JurySmart users receive a written report certifying the official results, including verdicts, comments, juror questions, and a jury profile. JurySmart Report data is invaluable in the hands of experienced legal professionals.

JurySmart helps you do the best possible job for your clients. You can use JurySmart to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Claims can be quickly sorted for appropriate action at the intake stage. Due diligence investigation about the merits of a case can be strengthened and better documented with a JurySmart Report. Posting a case at iCourthouse gives clients and other decision makers a convincing reality check, and the JurySmart Report provides an informative vehicle for discussions with clients and colleagues. JurySmart also helps you allocate resources efficiently, focusing on the witnesses and issues that are most important to the success of your case.

It's easy to get JurySmart. Simply place your order, then complete your case summary. You are immediately given an iCourthouse case number and a personal password-protected page at My iCourthouse. From your My iCourthouse page you can access Trial Books where you post the evidence and arguments for the claim. Once all Trial Books are complete, the iCourthouse jurors review the evidence, ask you questions, and provide verdicts and comments. When you have as many verdicts as you want, go to My iCourthouse and dismiss the case. Within a week iCourthouse will send you the JurySmart Report for your case, containing Trial Books (exclusive of digital evidence) and the certified results of your case including juror verdicts, comments and questions, and a jury profile. Click here to see a sample JurySmart Report.

At only $189 per report, JurySmart is priced to make the analytical power of a mock jury affordable for any claim and any client.

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