Rule 1: Compliance with User Agreement

All iCourthouse parties and jurors must comply with the User Agreement.

Rule 2: Size Limitations

(a) Total evidence shall not exceed 1 MB.

(b) No evidence exhibit file may be larger than 100KB.

Rule 3: No Personal Information

Content submitted to iCourthouse shall not contain both first and last names, or addresses, of people or companies. Content shall also not contain other specifically identifying information. Content shall not contain racial, religious, or ethnic identifying information.

Rule 4: Response to Summons

Defendants shall respond to an e-mail summons by registering as a defendant within 10 days. If a defendant fails to register within 10 days, jurors may render verdicts based solely on the plaintiff's trial book.

Rule 5: Submission of Trial Books

Each registered plaintiff and defendant is issued a Trial Book upon registration. Each party shall complete its Trial Book within 72 hours of registering.

Rule 6: Invitation to Juror Duty

(a) Each party may invite persons to serve as jurors on a case. There is no limit on the number of invitations that can be issued.

(b) Persons invited to serve as juror on a case may forward the invitation to others.

Rule 7: Juror Review of Trial Books

Jurors shall read and review the entire contents of each party's Trial Book before rendering a verdict.

Rule 8: Size of Damage Awards

Jurors shall not award damages in excess of the damages requested by a plaintiff. Any verdict awarding excessive damages shall be null and void.



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