What can I do once I join iCourthouse?
iCourthouse members can act as jurors in cases pending at iCourthouse, and can file their own cases, all for free. Take the iCourthouse Tour to learn more.

How do you know who won a case?
The parties can agree whether to count a majority, two thirds, or what proportion of the verdicts will constitute a decision. The trial book shows all the verdicts entered so far, juror comments, and a median verdict.

How do you make a result enforceable?
Results are enforceable by agreement between the parties. You can use the following language to make your decision enforceable: "We, the parties to case number --- agree that the verdict rendered by the jury in the iCourthouse case will be binding on us, and will be enforceable as a judgment in a court of appropriate jurisdiction."

How long are cases open?
Cases are open until dismissed by the plaintiff, either because the parties agree that there has been a final verdict, or because the parties have settled the case. Parties can also leave a case open for juror feedback indefinitely, but agree that only the verdicts given before a specific date and time will count, or that only the first given number of verdicts will count.

Can I use real names in my case?
No, our User Agreement and Rules prohibit the use of proper names, or identifying information such as addresses. Use terms such as "Plaintiff' or "Defendant" or Buyer or Seller, to designate the parties.

Does it cost money to be a juror?
No. There is never a charge to the jurors.

What are the costs?
Filing a regular case at iCourthouse is FREE. So is being a juror. Attorneys can file a JurySmart case and, for $189, receive a written report certifying official trial results.

How do I get to my trial book after I have filed my case?
Click on My iCourthouse, enter your user name and password, and when you are welcomed you will be presented with all of the cases in which you are a party or a juror. If you are a party, there will be an option to "View and edit trial book"

What is iCourthouse?
iCourthouse is the courthouse of the Internet. Only at iCourthouse can you present, view, or participate in jury trials on line.

How do I upload a digital file?
Click on "Browse" to find the file on your computer, and double-click on the file (or select it, then click "Open") when you've found it; its name will appear next to "File to upload." Then select the type of file under "File type," and click on "Upload." Note: Available file types are Microsoft Word (.doc); Adobe Acrobat (.pdf); JPEG images (.jpg); GIF images (.gif); Rich Text Format (.rtf); AIFF audio (.aiff); WAV audio (.wav); and plain text (.txt).

Is iCourthouse just for attorneys?
Absolutely not! Anyone can file a case or serve as a juror.

How does iCourthouse safeguard my personal information?
See the iCourthouse Privacy Policy.

How is a case presented?
Go to How to Use Trial Book.

Is there sample language to put into an agreement, before any dispute arises, so the dispute can be resolved through iCourthouse?
Yes. The following is one example of language to be inserted into a contract for Binding Agreements:

"In the event that a dispute arises out of this transaction, the parties agree to submit that dispute for binding resolution through iCourthouse. In the event that a party shall refuse to submit the dispute to iCourthouse, or files an action in any other court without first offering dispute resolution through iCourthouse, that party shall lose any right to attorneys fees it might otherwise be entitled to. The parties further agree that any verdict of iCourthouse may be reduced to a judgement in any court having jurisdiction over the parties, at the option of any party, without further adjudication."
How can I tell jurors about law that applies to my case?
It is easy to tell jurors about applicable law. In your Trial Book, in Opening Argument, Evidence, and Closing Argument, you can cite legal authorities. You can refer to general legal principles, jury instructions, statutes, and cases. You can also type in the URLs of sites containing legal resources for jurors to use.

What if I have a problem at the site?
Click on Contact iCourthouse, and let us know. We'll do our best to solve the problem.



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