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iCourthouse as an e-Commerce teaching tool—
"While looking for best practice examples for our class on eCommerce, we ran across information on iCourthouse and your mediation services. Your site is a great resource for our attendees" —A.T., Minnesota

Attorneys praise JurySmart—
"I found the whole exercise extremely helpful, especially the jury questions. I plan to recommend the service as a tool to assist in evaluating the 'worth' of a case as well as to prepare for trial" —P.M., Dallas

Attorneys praise JurySmart—
"I do find iCourthouse useful and cost-effective. I congratulate you on the concept and the practical design. It works! I plan to use it alot." —H.H., California

"Most people I think enjoy your site as much as I do and I am getting ready to go to law school in about a year's time. I find that your site is great practice for someone interested in the law to help whet their appetite." —T.F., Pennsylvania

"I appreciate your site. It showed me how to fight for my rights. I had given up hope but Justice can prevail! The truth is worth fighting for. Thank You." —L.I., New York

"I have only discovered this site tonight. I have spent the last four and one-half hours really enjoying myself. ... I REALLY HOPE something like this catches on. If people would use this type of forum, the load it would take off the Judicial System at the lower court levels would be fantastic." —V.S., California

"Thank you for allowing my case to be seen by the public. It gives me a little hope knowing that people see the truth of the matter and were able to give their comments." —P.G., New York

"Thank you so much for this service. We had a dispute with our landlord, and after coming to iCourthouse we were able to reach a settlement" —K.D., California

"This is a really well run site. I am involved in many civil actions in my line of work, and the feedback from some of the cases I have posted has been immeasurably valuable." —R.D., California

"Thanks for all your help. I finally received my refund today due to the iCourthouse case and greatly appreciate your being a part of this." —S.W.,Georgia

"I have recently discovered the site because of a report done by ABC news. I was enthralled and spent much time at the site." —L.H., Alaska

"This website is very impressive, not to mention fun." —A.B., Paris, France

"What a great idea and innovative resource." —S.R., California


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